Co-creating clarity.

Innovation starts with an idea. But if you can’t communicate your thoughts clearly and cohesively, then no one’s going to see the value. That’s where I come in.

Neapolitan & Co specializes in strategic communication design. I use the power of thought partnership, information organization, and audience-aware graphics to help small businesses and large corporations clearly, accurately, and compellingly express complex concepts in digestible visuals.

Answering the “why” and “how” with design.

Whether you’re working to make sense of research, launching a new product, or overhauling a sector of your business, Neapolitan & Co can integrate seamlessly into your project team or work one-on-one to help you get to the heart of the problem you’re solving. I come to you with a valuable outside perspective, asking smart questions to draw out insights that move your project from abstract to actualized.

My clients often come to me to gather and gain succinct and powerful insights, packaged in well-designed presentations and infographics that are portrayed as consumable storytelling for their audience to move a project ahead.

Decades of design experience.

I’ve had the chance to work alongside a diverse group of internal teams at a multitude of global corporations, small businesses, and organizations of varying sizes, including some notable names like PayPal, Steelcase, Stryker, and United Way. With over twenty years of experience, I’ve seen it all. And I promise: even the most complicated circumstances can be untangled through collaborative facilitations and communication design.

Collaborative cultivation.

As a one-woman operation, the “& Co” in “Neapolitan & Co” isn’t about co-workers or my company, but rather, the collaborative nature of my work. I work best co-creating alongside a team, acting as your dedicated design and strategy partner.

When solving a business problem, I believe design adds the most value when a visuals expert comes alongside the problem-solving process as another strategic lever you can pull. I see the most success for my clients when I join their process at the very beginning, rather than just beautification at the end. Here are a few ways I’ve worked with clients:

Visualizing an abstract concept
Creating clarity around complex information
Finding, shaping, and telling strategic stories
Framing new ideas
Building stakeholder alignment
Developing a new service
Rethinking experience strategy
Positioning a product or service
Synthesizing research
Surfacing user-centered insights

Design that thinks differently.


Acquired a stack of data but not sure how to succinctly share it? That’s where communication strategy comes into play. From pitch decks to research reports and catalogs, I work to simplify and organize mass amounts of information.


From research to facilitation and journey mapping, well-designed services result in the absence of frustration. And frustration-free experiences create loyal customers. 

Big thanks, big thinking.

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Sara is a delight to work with! She brings rigor without ego to the work, which makes her a great thought partner when tackling complex challenges and themes. In practice, this means that she listens intently for sound reasoning in the interest of excavating true user-centered insight. She helps clarify thought processes that are otherwise easy to get lost in, is a deft collaborator, and balances being flexible and responsive with ensuring that project work meets requirements of timeliness and quality. I highly recommend Sara as a thought partner and communication designer for her ability to identify the right problems to solve in the most efficient way, her flexible approach, openness as a collaborator, and the quality of her work product. TLDR; SARA IS THE BEST.

Jenn Yoo

Sara was an amazing talent to add to any project we had. Whether it was help in early thinking and thought starters, or pulling together the final graphics and presentation, she allowed each project to be successful and have the polished material we needed. Sara is extremely talented at taking all the different pieces of information given to her and crafting an eloquent and strategic message that was exactly what I was trying to deliver.

Megan Vollink
Former Manager, New Business Innovation

Sara engages deeply with the materials throughout the development process, asks thoughtful questions to clarify the content, and creates visuals that bring abstract concepts to life. Sara’s partnership has been important for the thought leadership and research work my team does.

Ivy K. Lau
Global Public Policy and Research, Government Relations

We’ve worked with Sara for several years, and she never disappoints! She helped us turn an outdated, information-rich pitch deck into a fun and persuasive story. I appreciated her curious and thoughtful approach, pushing to understand the market and our business to create an honest and compelling pitch. She makes it look easy, and she’s a pleasure to work with.

Ray Sayers
Thoroughbred Fulfillment

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