Seeking “aha!” moments. 

Sometimes an outside perspective is all you need to make your abstract concept click into place. As an expert thought partner, I approach each project with careful curiosity. Then, by acting as a filter for brainstorming sessions and other comprehensive conversations, I ensure your deep knowledge is communicated clearly to new audiences. 

Whether we’re untangling a mess of information or your brand proposition, I will help you surface key ideas. No matter the desired visual output, I’ll ensure we tell your story without losing the plot. 

Tactical communication design. 

Working as a graphic designer and art director, I use my strategic edge to create succinct, simple, and easy-to-understand collateral and presentations. Within the communication design realm, I focus on uncomplicating complex concepts and research, along with designing functional, hardworking graphics despite an overwhelming amount of information. 

Communication strategy 
Positioning and messaging
Art direction
Brand collateral
Pitch decks
Research reports
Information architecture
Catalogs and data sheets

Sensemaking service design. 

Service design considers your business model, the needs of your customer, and the customer journey to identify frustration points. Then, systems can be realigned, and processes rebuilt to better support frustration-free experiences. 

Stakeholder and market research
Workshop design and facilitation
Service blueprinting
Customer journey mapping

Preferred partners.

The “& Co” in “Neapolitan & Co” stands for co-creation and collaboration. I pride myself on being able to integrate into any team, no matter the size. So, who are my ideal partners? 

Special project teams within an organization
Agency and corporate partners
In-house creative teams
Small business owners