A large survey with an overwhelming number of results called for expert-level infographics and brand-right illustrations to actualize abstract themes. 

a grid of white pages with blue illustrations, from a report for PayPal


The Third Wave of Fin Tech Innovation

– Brand collateral
– Research reports
– Information graphics
– Icons and illustrations

PayPal’s government relations team surveyed 4,000 adults globally. Four distinct themes surfaced from the survey results, but with the immense amount of information – the internal team needed help designing a report that summarized the results as a collection and as stand-alone themes.

Neapolitan & Co was engaged to design a new multi-page report and create infographics to highlight specific survey results. To convey the survey results simply and quickly, PayPal requested simple illustrations capturing the takeaway message for each theme.

In collaboration with the report author, I drew simple sketches to show how the abstract concepts might be visualized. Once the concept was captured, the final illustrations were executed in full detail, leveraging the PayPal brand style. Elements from these illustrations were then repurposed in social posts to announce the survey results.

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sketches and final illustrations of abstract ideas made visual for PayPal

What my client said.

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Sara engages deeply with the materials throughout the development process, asks thoughtful questions to clarify the content, and creates visuals that bring abstract concepts to life. Sara’s partnership has been important for the thought leadership and research work my team does.

Ivy K. Lau
Global Public Policy and Research, Government Relations

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