A pitch deck could have been just that: a beautifully designed pitch deck. But, instead, I asked why, and it re-framed their marketing story.

Thoroughbred Fulfillment

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– Pitch decks
– Infographics
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– Art direction

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Since 1995, Thoroughbred Fulfillment has offered custom fulfillment and distribution services to a segment of furniture and textile companies. Thoroughbred added new capabilities to their line of services, and they called me to help update their existing pitch deck to reflect these changes. The current deck was overwhelming: heavy on information yet light on positioning. And the client knew it, scrolling past most of the content because of the lack of value.

So, rather than simply creating a new brand look, I suggested we start fresh and re-think the entire emphasis of their story.

As the leading supplier in the markets they serve, it wasn’t other providers they were competing with but in-house fulfillment services. Understanding this nuance and digging into existing market research, I created a new story to emphasize what was at stake, and why Thoroughbred was uniquely positioned to succeed.

The resulting pitch deck weaves together compelling statistics with fun viral tweets to set up the service problem Thoroughbred solves. New photography and video of the warehouse were shot and utilized throughout to introduce the new capabilities and help tell the overall story.

A grid of pitch deck slides showing varied sales content for Thoroughbred Fulfillment

What my client said.

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We’ve worked with Sara for several years, and she never disappoints! She helped us turn an outdated, information-rich pitch deck into a fun and persuasive story. I appreciated her curious and thoughtful approach, pushing to understand the market and our business to create an honest and compelling pitch. She makes it look easy, and she’s a pleasure to work with.

Ray Sayers
Thoroughbred Fulfillment

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