A massive organization needed massive information organization to make specifying their products easier for dealers, customers, and product teams.

a grid of catalog pages showing information about Steelcase power and cable accessories


Power and Cable Management Catalog

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Steelcase has a massive collection of product solutions, all detailed in separate specification guides. Each product line includes accessories that are sometimes compatible with other product lines, but this information was not easy to find.

For example, a dealer who wants to provide a customer with alternative solutions for adding a USB outlet to a desk would need to consult a handful of spec guides and then might need to contact the product team at Steelcase to confirm compatibility. This was a frustrating process for dealers, customers, and product teams.

Needless to say, this was a huge problem that desperately needed some information organization. The product marketing team identified this frustration and engaged Neapolitan & Co to help create a new document detailing all power and cable management options compatible with multiple product lines. I worked with the team to help establish hierarchy and continuity of information with accessibility and ease-of-use top of mind.

The design is functional like a spec guide but clean and on-brand, so that dealers feel comfortable utilizing it alongside their customers. The final, nearly 100-page piece was digital-first, with links throughout for easy cross-referencing.

The guide was an instant success and received overwhelmingly positive feedback across all audiences.

stacked catalog pages showing information about Steelcase power and cable accessories

What my client said.

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I’d say it’s up there with the most positive responses of anything I’ve ever distributed to my dealer network.

Steelcase sales consultant

WOW! That is an AWESOME document! Very thorough. I’ve struggled to find some of those components before as I didn’t know which spec guide to find them in.

Steelcase engineering team member

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